Unveiling the Ultimate Showdown: Go High Level vs ClickFunnels

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Struggling to choose between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels for your online business? You’re not alone. These two giants in the marketing automation world often leave users confused with their robust offerings.

This article breaks down their key differences, pros and cons, helping you decide which fits your needs perfectly. Ready to make an informed choice? Continue reading!

Key Takeaways

  • GoHighLevel offers a more affordable pricing structure compared to ClickFunnels, making it a preferred choice for businesses with budget constraints.
  • Both platforms have powerful funnel-building capabilities, but GoHighLevel offers a straightforward interface, while ClickFunnels provides a drag-and-drop editor and more pre-designed templates.
  • When it comes to website and landing page builders, both platforms offer drag-and-drop builders, but ClickFunnels has more advanced features and customization options.
  • In terms of email campaigns and automation tools, GoHighLevel provides more advanced features like SMS marketing integration and tagging options, while ClickFunnels offers basic email automation capabilities.
  • Both platforms offer CRM features for customer management, but GoHighLevel focuses on all-in-one CRM functionality,, while ClickFunnels places more emphasis on managing leads within sales funnels.

Key Differences Between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels

GoHighLevel offers a more affordable pricing structure compared to ClickFunnels, making it a preferred choice for businesses with budget constraints.

Pricing and affordability

When it comes to pricing and affordability, both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels offer varied plans that cater to different business sizes and needs. It’s critical to understand the pricing structure of these platforms to determine which one offers the best value for your business.

Starting price$99/month$97/month
What’s included in the starting priceAll-in-one marketing platform with CRM, landing page builder, email marketing, and moreFunnel and landing page builder, email autoresponders, and basic marketing tools
Advanced Plan$297/month (Agency Unlimited Plan)$297/month (Platinum Plan)
What’s included in the advanced planUnlimited access to all features, unlimited user accounts and locationsUnlimited funnels and landing pages, priority support, advanced marketing tools
Free Trial AvailableYes, 14 daysYes, 14 days
Value for moneyOffers more features and tools in their base plan compared to ClickFunnelsBasic plan offers less features, but the advanced plan is comprehensive for larger businesses

Keep in mind that the best value isn’t always about the lowest price. It’s about getting the most for your money, including functionality, support, and results.

Make sure to consider the overall value these platforms can bring to your business beyond just the price tag.

Funnel building capabilities

GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels both offer powerful funnel-building capabilities, albeit with distinct differences.

DesignOffers a straightforward and user-friendly interface for creating funnels.Provides a drag-and-drop editor for creating custom funnels.
TemplatesHas a substantial number of templates that can be used for a range of businesses and industries.Features an impressive array of pre-designed funnel templates for various business needs.
CustomizationAllows users to fully customize all elements in the funnel to match their brand.Although customization is possible, it may require some learning and practice.
Split TestingSupports A/B testing for optimizing different funnel elements.Offers advanced A/B testing features with detailed analytical reports.
Ease of UseIts ease of use makes it ideal for beginners and those with less technical knowledge.While it has numerous advanced features, it may require some tech-savviness to fully utilize.

Website and landing page builders

Building effective websites and landing pages is key in digital marketing, and both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels provide tools for this. Here is an overview of their offerings in this regard.

Website BuilderOffers a drag-and-drop website builder that is easy to use and requires no coding.Also provides a drag-and-drop builder, but with more advanced features and capabilities.
Landing Page BuilderProvides a straightforward landing page builder, with features such as A/B testing, analytics, and form builder.Features a comprehensive landing page builder with a broad array of templates and customization options.
TemplatesOffers a limited number of free, customizable templates.Offers a wider range of free and premium templates, with robust customization options.
User-friendlinessIs generally user-friendly, but may have a steeper learning curve for new users.Is designed with beginners in mind, with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use features.
SEO FeaturesHas basic SEO features, but may require additional tools or plugins for advanced SEO.Offers more robust SEO tools and capabilities, including meta tags and keyword tracking.

In conclusion, while both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels provide website and landing page-building tools, the specifics of their offerings do differ.

Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and the level of complexity you require in your digital marketing efforts.

Email campaign and automation tools

Both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels offer email campaigns and automation tools to help businesses streamline their marketing efforts.

With GoHighLevel, you can easily create automated email campaigns, set up personalized drip sequences, and track engagement metrics.

It also provides advanced features like SMS marketing integration and tagging options for better segmentation.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels offers basic email automation capabilities, allowing you to send follow-up emails to leads and customers.

However, it lacks some of the advanced features found in GoHighLevel’s email campaign tool. Whether you choose GoHighLevel or ClickFunnels will depend on your specific needs for email marketing automation.

CRM and customer management features

Both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels offer CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features to help businesses effectively manage their customer interactions.

With GoHighLevel, you can easily track and organize your leads, contacts, and customers all in one place. It allows you to store important customer information, such as contact details and purchase history, so you can provide personalized experiences.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels also provides basic CRM functionalities, but with more focus on sales funnels. It enables you to capture lead information through opt-in forms and manage those leads within the platform.

Both tools offer valuable features for customer management, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and enhance their overall customer experience.

Pros and Cons of GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels

GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels have their own pros and cons. One advantage of GoHighLevel is its all-in-one platform, which offers a wide range of marketing tools, including CRM, email marketing, and funnel-building capabilities. It also provides white-label options for agencies.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is known for its user-friendly interface and simplicity in creating sales funnels. It has a large community with helpful resources, making it easy to get support when needed.

However, ClickFunnels can be more expensive compared to GoHighLevel, especially for users with larger businesses or agencies.

Overall, the choice between these two platforms depends on your specific business needs and budget constraints.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business

Consider your budget and needs, evaluate the specific features and functionality required, and assess the level of customer support and integrations available when choosing between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels for your business.

Consider your budget and needs

When choosing between GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels, it’s important to consider your budget and needs. Think about how much you’re willing to spend on a marketing platform and what features are essential for your business.

Evaluate the specific tools and functionality required for your sales funnelslead generation, email marketing, and website optimization.

Also, assess the level of customer support and integrations available with each platform to ensure it aligns with your business goals.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on which platform is right for you.

Evaluate the specific features and functionality required

Evaluate the specific features and functionality required for your business. Consider the following:

  • Sales funnel-building capabilities
  • Lead generation tools
  • Website and landing page customization options
  • Email marketing automation features
  • CRM and customer management functionalities
  • Integration with other marketing tools
  • Conversion optimization tools
  • Cost and pricing options
  • White-labeling capabilities (if needed)
  • Customer support and training resources

Assess the level of customer support and integrations available

Consider the level of customer support and integrations offered by both GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels. Here are some factors to consider:

Customer Support:

  • Availability of customer support: Check if they offer 24/7 support or have specific hours of operation.
  • Channels of support: Look into whether they provide phone, email, or live chat support.
  • Response time: Find out how quickly they respond to customer inquiries and provide assistance.


  • Compatibility with other tools: Determine if the platform integrates well with other marketing tools or software you currently use.
  • Third-party integrations: Check if they have a wide range of integrations available, such as payment gateways, email marketing platforms, CRM systems, etc.
  • Ease of integration: Evaluate how easy it is to set up and connect different tools within the platform.

User community and resources:

  • Online forums and communities: See if there is an active user community where you can get help, share ideas, and learn from others’ experiences.
  • Educational resources: Look for tutorials, guides, documentation, or training materials provided by the platform to help you maximize its features.

Upgrades and updates:

  • Frequency of updates: Assess how often the platform releases updates or new features to improve functionality and address any issues.
  • Notification system: Determine if they have a notification system in place to inform users about upcoming changes or enhancements.

Reviews and feedback:

  • Read user reviews and testimonials online to get insights into the quality of customer support provided by each platform.
  • Consider feedback from existing users regarding their experience with integrating third – party tools.


In conclusion, when comparing GoHighLevel and ClickFunnels, it’s important to consider your budget, specific needs, and desired features. Both platforms offer valuable tools for creating profitable sales funnels and managing customer relationships.

However, GoHighLevel provides a more integrated platform with native software solutions, making it a preferred choice for modern-day businesses and digital agencies.

Ultimately, the right tool for your business depends on your unique requirements and goals in terms of marketing automation, lead generation, website optimization, landing pages, email marketing, and funnel building.

Choose wisely to maximize your online business success!


What is the difference between Go High Level and ClickFunnels?

Go High Level and ClickFunnels are both marketing platforms, but they have different features and focus areas. Go High Level offers a wide range of tools for managing leads, automating marketing tasks, and delivering personalized messages, while ClickFunnels specializes in creating sales funnels with pre-designed templates.

Which platform is easier to use: Go High Level or ClickFunnels?

Both platforms have user-friendly interfaces, but beginners may find Go High Level easier to use due to its intuitive design and straightforward navigation.

Can I integrate other software with Go High Level or ClickFunnels?

Yes, both platforms offer integrations with popular software and apps such as CRM systems, email marketing services, payment gateways, and more.

How much do Go High Level and ClickFunnels cost?

The pricing for both platforms varies depending on your specific needs and the features you require. It’s best to visit their websites or contact their sales teams for detailed pricing information.

Which platform should I choose: Go High Level or ClickFunnels?

The choice between Go High level or Clickfunnels depends on your specific business goals and requirements. Consider factors such as the features you need, budget constraints, ease of use, customer support options,and overall suitability for your business before making a decision.

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